Big+Little: A Pop-Up Space: anti-designated space.

Working with the idea of blankness elaborated in the Brooklyn Notebook, the Big+Little Pop-Up Space is a tool-kit for creating a pop-up space to encourage community engagement.

A group of us wanted to make sure students took ownership of the new 18th St. studios, so we declared a small room a pop-up space and invited students to launch their own projects there. Though we designed the logo and promotion of the project, how the space was used was left for other students to design. The pop-up space became at once designated for something, yet that something was quite absent. The blankness and possibility of the space was made purposeful and welcoming and students filled it in with their own activities.

A collaborative project with Daniel Wiggins, Skyler Balbus and Rebecca Wiener which we carried through at the new Pratt studios in the fall of 2010.

 Big+Little Logos   A flexible identity