Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Les mots en liberte futuristes (1919)
Anti-traditional typography
Wild expressive typography violates the conventions of the time.

Doyle Dane Bernbach Agency, Volkswagen Ads (1960s)
Anti-sixties era advertising
Admitting and attracting attention with the flaws, not the strengths of the product.

Neville Brody, Contents logo from The Face, Issues 50-55 (1984)
Contents logo deconstructed over consecutive issues. Violates logo as something fixed.

Wolfgart Weingart, Anti-Swiss typography
Weingart’s design acknowledges the conventions of high Swiss typography (sans serif typefaces, emphasis on a graphic and geometrical approach, rules) while looking like nothing Josef Mueller-Brockmann et al. would have ever designed.

Adbusters Magazine Cover, Issue No. 37 (2001)
Anti-magazine cover.
Explicit rejection of a standard magazine cover image.

Wrong Gallery, Berlin (2006)
A gallery that existed with the explicit agenda of doing things “wrong”: art that was hung on the ceilings or the floor; huge captions and small art, etc. Here the gallery attendant becomes part of the show and pretends to faint. Also, consider their website.

 Filippo Tommaso Marinetti   Les mots en liberte futuristes 
 Doyle Dane Bernbach Agency   Volkswagen Ads 
 Neville Brody   Contents logo from The Face 
 Wolfgart Weingart   Anti-Swiss typography 
 Wrong Gallery, Berlin   Gallery attendant fainting as art 
 Adbusters Magazine Cover   Anti-magazine cover photo