Last Minute Signage System: anti-poster/anti-map.

Created for the winter MFA show, the Last Minute Signage System consisted of a poster for the show, a map and signage for each individual participant.

Guiding the Last Minute Signage was the idea that any group show is inherently chaotic and this chaos can be acknowledged rather than fought: the poster, map, and signage were designed to be quickly created and easily modified. The poster for the winter MFA show combined individual sheets advertising every show participant (each in its own style) into one poster. (By being many sheets instead of one it became quite simply an anti-poster.) This concatenation of separate elements reinforced the diversity of the MFA class. Meanwhile, the map showed the changes in each space: each original assignment that was changed was simply superimposed with the newest assignment. Thus the map, with this layered concatenation, acted as a record of the chaos of organizing the space itself.

The Last Minute Signage System exploits the idea of concatenation as record keeping. Piling layers on which typically remain separate recalls what naturally happens over time, while quilting together various parts talks about diversity of constituents. The Last Minute Signage System thus both refers to the process of the show over time and its general make-up.