Mevis & van Deursen

They're also ANTI designers who always seem to turn a problem inside out. (Images are from Armand Mevis' talk at the Walker.)

Dutch Architectural Institute Exhibit, Caption Booklet
A caption booklet that seems chopped off abruptly.
Faced with doing the captions (“the horrible job”) for a show where the catalogue book had been done by another designer, (“the nice job”) Mevis & van Deursen made a fake catalogue book which was cut off two inches from the spine that contained the captions.

IUAV proposed identity

Anti-unified identity/typeface.
A custom-made typeface that randomly uses one of six typefaces for each character.

Museum Bojimans signage
Signage for temporary exhibits leans against the wall: The Museum Bojimans signage always awaits installation, speaking to the museum as an ever-changing entity. If signage is supposed to be authoritative and stabilizing, this is overtly temporary and slightly off-putting. If design is supposed to present order to the world, this presents a bit of confusion: anti-design. More on the design.

 Dutch Architectural Institute    Caption Booklet 
 IUAV proposed identity   randomly uses six typefaces 
 Museum Bojimans signage