Credits and Acknowledgments

Indexhibit for helping me build this site and others. Thanks also to their forum community for support.
D. Oscar Horner, for photos of the Thesis Show
Nick Misani, photos of Thesis Show
DIY Design tool by More Good, used for Last Minute Signage

Thanks to:
My parents, for their support, and always, a point of view.
Edvin Yegir, Manuel Miranda, Mark Sanders, for teaching me to start talking about design.
Jeff Bellantoni, for starting the MFA at just the right time.
Milosz, for keeping my bike running and me cheerful.
Kevin for much late night working company; Soum for fielding many HTML/CSS questions.
Everyone (Katya, Armen) who encouraged me to go creative when it wasn’t at all obvious.
All my friends and family (especially Kostya, Anna, Kate, Becky, Ilya) who put up with me as I saw this design thing through.

All my MFA colleagues, for patience, enthusiasm, insights

Theresa Berenato
Daniel Wiggins
Rebecca Wiener
Skyler Balbus
Matt Scheer
Julian Rehani
Maria-Nefeli Stavrindi
Christie Shin
Elizabeth Kuehnen
Brenda McManus
John Chaich

Anthony Acock
Christina Latina
Nick Misani
Mira Rojanasakul
Richard Hall
Anqi Li
Mariya Campwala
Janice Ramirez
Chantal Fischzang
Frances Pharr
Natalie Sims